Malta Golden Visa

Do you want to travel more, have a Plan B for your family’s security, and give your children opportunities for their future?

The Malta Permanent Residency Program offers all of that and more. You can get a European Golden Visa for the entire family at only €125k*, which is an incredible value.

This programme gives you and your loved ones freedom to travel, peace of mind, and opportunities for the future. With the Malta Permanent Residency Card, you will have all of that and more.

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€125k* for a Lifetime of Benefits

  • - Increased travel freedom without having to acquire another passport
  • - Permanent Residency is for life - no renewals are required
  • - You can complete the entire process in 6 months from start to finish
  • - Lifetime access to the European Schengen area
  • - One application covers a whole family
  • - Independent grown-up children retain their status without having to reapply. 
  • - No minimum physical stay is required
  • - No purchase of real estate is required
  • - Explore business opportunities in the European Union without time constraints

* Price in SAR currency is shown for illustrative purposes only. All contracts are transacted in EUR. As a result, the final price might differ according to the foreign exchange rate at the time of the transaction